Dec 12, 2017

Toan and Jackie | Sacramento Engagement Photographer

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Toan, what do you LOVE about Jackie?

“She is beautiful, smart, and determined. She has a wonderful sense of humor that most people don’t know about, and I love that I’m one of the few people she shares it with. She pushes me to be a better adult, and an even better man. Before I met her, I was fairly sheltered from the world, she has since expanded my horizons and taken me on my first trips out of California as well as out of the country.”

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Jackie, what do you LOVE about Toan?

“What I love about Toan is that he ultimately is my best friend. He is someone I can always depend upon when I’m in need and someone I can trust to give me sometimes harsh but honest advice. He is also someone I know has equal trust in me and always places my happiness above his own. He truly complements me, in fact the we have opposite personalities. Generally, I am quieter and more reserved while he is more loud and outgoing, but I love that he is a constantly pushing me outside my comfort zone and to try things I probably never would have on my own. But most importantly, he can always makes me laugh! We have gone through many good and bad times in the 10 years we have been together, and he always finds a way to ease the tension, cheer me up, or make sure I’m having a great time by making me laugh.”

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“A perfect day for use would consist of us sleeping in late (since we both usually wake up very early), spending time with our two dogs ( either a day at the park or a short hike), trying a new restaurant ( and ordering wayyyy to much food), and catching a new movie or binge watching a TV show we’ve been wanting to see.”

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