Apr 16, 2019

Von and Kiona | Sacramento Engagement Photographer

Von and Kiona

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“She inspires me to be a better person everyday. We encourage the best out of each other.”

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Von and Kiona will be the first to tell you that they are big sci-fi nerds 🙂 There first movie together was Star Trek. Kiona loves Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, Von loves Star Wars Star and they both love Marvel Superheroes. Nerding out on these things are what helped bring them together.

So Kiona’s engagement ring was designed as the Star Trek icon. To Von, it symbolizes that he is willing to travel to the ends of universe with the one he loves.

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“It’s so difficult to pinpoint one thing. I adore his personality. What you see is what you get with Von. People see him as a very laid back, shy, sweetheart. That’s exactly how he is all that time. I feel so incredibly lucky.”

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“Von: A day where I wake up without work where we can enjoy each other’s company all day. Eating good food and spending quality time together. Kiona: Same…a day where I have no work or school obligations to fulfill and I can spend time with Von and the kids. Those are the best days… when you get to truly enjoy the life you’ve made together and the new memories you’re creating. Also with Mariah Carey playing at some point during the day.”
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