Jul 4, 2023

Taylor and Brent | Folsom Engagement Photographer

Napa Engagement Photographer

The Proposal

“On March 9th, 2022 we were hiking the Vikingsholm and Rubicon Trail at Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe. Brent insisted on walking down a beaten path to the waterline. So, there we were, standing at the beach at about 8:30 am basking the scenery. That’s when Brent turned me around, grabbed my hands, and began his speech lol. I had to ask him if he was being serious a few times, and as soon as it hit me that this was real, I starting bawling! It was such a happy moment for both of us. We both love being outdoors and I love Tahoe so it was perfect.”

Sacramento Engagement Photographer

“I hope the love Brent and I have radiates to all of our friends that day and I hope everyone says it was a memorable day.”

Folsom Engagement Photographer

“I think we are both just really looking forward to have that moment between us in front of everyone we love. Brent has a lot of friends that do not live here and I am excited to meet some of the people that mean the most to him from his years in the military. We are looking forward to all our closest friends being altogether for the first time EVER to celebrate!”



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